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This service was created out of passion, passion for our pets and passion for the people that love them. We provide experience, understanding and gentle, caring attention during handling. 

Our Ambulance service offers urgent and emergent transportation for pets. We also offer our service for general non-emergent transports ( is your dog 120lbs??, or is he just not walking? Is it 3am?, no vehicle available?...) we are here to help.

Our Ambulance van is safe, quiet and clean. We're equipped with an oxygen system for oxygen supplementation when indicated ( does your patient need to go to a specialty hospital on oxygen? still intubated? )  This is what we do!

Finally, we strive to keep our service affordable. Financial distress is sometimes unavoidable, so we feel that we can do our part by setting reasonable rates and not adding frivolous fees.

Pricing and Fees

  •   Non-emergent transports: $125+

  •   Urgent/Emergent Transports: $225+

  •   Oxygen Supplementation: $750+

*Prices are based on local transports within 10 miles one way and during normal business hours

An additional $25 per 10 miles will be applied thereafter. Normal business hours are 7am to 6pm

An additional $50 will be applied for after hours transports

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